1. how to STRUCTURE non-linear?!

    *bangs head against table*
  2. in need of sweetness


  3. The sound of footsteps.

    Tara stands bolt upright, rushes over to Sasha and puts the blanket across his lap. It is Dmitri.

    He stomps on as if his boots are weighed down with snow. He stops. Tara stands five metres from him, dead on. They wait in tension. She runs at him and he catches her and swings her about joyfully. It seems like a routine that has evolved between them for some time and still holds excitement.

    Dmitri - Moya! Moya! Moya! ('Moya' is the female form of 'my' in Russian. He kisses her face feverishly)

    Tara - Oh! Your face is so cold!

    Dmitri- How are you, my queen?

    She does not speak, but rather pulls his head down to hers and places her hands on his cheeks, then begins to kiss each square inch of his face slowly and with almost religious concentration. 

    He allows this for a moment before unlocking himself from the embrace and moving away. Tara stays where she is.

  4. Saturday angst


  5. essay, essay, essay

    (distraction, shoes, red shoes, sale on shoes, shoes for my friend’s wedding, blue, pastel? too high? too slutty? expensive, stop looking at designer shoes, Laura, you disgust me, back to - )

    essay, essay, essay

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    Gabina Fárová

    Tribute to Baudelaire, 1979

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  10. feel lovely (that’s an imperative)

  11. Mirror box :)

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    Antonio de la Gandara (1861-1917) “Portrait of the Artists Wife and a Friend”

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    Details at Valentino Pre-Fall 2014

    Oh heaven…

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  14. '& onwards'

  15. Bernstein stop, you’re getting me hot…